Boosting Website Traffic: 3 Months of SEO and Backlink Case Study

🚀 In this post, you’ll learn the exact steps I took to increase the traffic of a website in only 3 months by improving basic SEO and Some General Backlinks! 💥

🔍 The site was getting around 500 organic clicks from Google per month.

Site Audit

📌  I began by conducting a thorough site audit, which served as my initial step. My next task was to identify potential keywords that the site was ranking for on Google, specifically in positions ranging from 8 to 25. During this process, I discovered some incredibly valuable keywords that were highly relevant. However, I noticed that these keywords were not incorporated within the content of the pages themselves. 😲

Inserting Keywords and on-page Optimization

📌  After adding new potential keywords, I reviewed all the SEO titles and meta descriptions, making updates where necessary. This included incorporating years, and emojis, and making other basic changes. 📈

📌  Using the main keyword and its variants in H1 and other headings signals to Google what you are offering (Don’t overdo it like people used to do it 5 years back)

💡 Here I will tweak the example of KW “Plumbers in Los Angeles

Variations: Los Angeles Plumbing Service, LA Plumbers

🏆 H1: Trusted Plumbers in Los Angeles for Top-Notch Services

H2: Your Reliable Choice for Los Angeles Plumbing Services

H2: LA Plumbers Ready to Tackle Your Toughest Plumbing Issues

Backlink Building – General Links

🌐 After on the page, I started creating backlinks, and here is the twist, by backlinks, you might think I bought some expensive guest posts OR niche edits but that’s not the route I took…

📌  For this particular site, my focus was to acquire General Backlinks that you can get from different sources by putting in a little effort. These links are usually not highly relevant but help a lot as it creates diversity.

👉  You can place the link of your site on different sites and directories by asking questions in a legit way, no spamming coz they will remove spam links when you try adding links without any relevancy.

👉 You can put your website link, let’s say on some Microsoft forum by asking some relevant questions – could be anything relevant. The sky is the limit! ☁️

👉 With general links, I found some relevant forums and created almost 50 links on different threads.

📌 You can find relevant forums easily by searching your KW + Forum. For Example “Plumbing Forums” OR “Roofing Forums”.

💪 Forum links are highly effective for many local businesses as it creates authority for the site and helps in search engine rankings. 📊

So by implementing these simple steps, I was able to grow the traffic of the site as you can see in the Google Search Console screenshot.

🙏 Thank you for taking the time to read the post. Your feedback is invaluable, so please feel free to share your thoughts, leave comments, and ask any questions you might have. Together, we can continue to explore the ever-evolving landscape of SEO and online visibility. 🌐📣

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